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Dear Clients,

We are so happy to have been given the green light to reopen our Massage Therapy & Aesthetics services to you. It was a difficult decision and we have been working hard ensuring that all of the operational policies and procedures set out by the CMTO and the Ministry of Health are in place before opening.

We have changed our work routine just like everybody has changed the life style. Please take your time to read the following information before you book your appointment.

1. We have gradually restart our spa services including massage therapy, skin care, acupuncture, waxing, etc. 

2. We only accept clients who called to book appointment. Walk-ins not available so far.

3. When you call to make your appointment, the receptionist will ask you a couple of questions:

  —“Do you have any issues with COVID-19?” That means you should make sure you don’t have any symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing problems and you didn’t contact anyone who has coronavirus.

 — “Would you mind to wear a mask during your treatment?” If you don’t like to wear your mask or you feel hard to breathe when you get a treatment, please just wait until we are allowed without a mask ; If you don’t have a mask or you forget to bring your mask, we will be happy to provide a mask at a cost of $1, this will be enforced and will be checked before entering our spa.

4. When you come in the spa, the first step is sanitizing your hands, the second step is signing the consent which is all about COVID-19, and then the receptionist will send you to your treatment room, the therapist will be there waiting for you.

5. You will not be allowed to bring a companion unless it is necessary by a parent or legal guardian.

6. Please come on time for your appointment to make the traffic flow easier because we aren’t allowed to have clients in the waiting area, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you need to change or reschedule , please respect our time and call the spa as early as possible.

7. The entire treatment facility will be sanitized throughout the day before and after each client to ensure all surfaces touched and otherwise are disinfected and cleaned before and after each appointment. 

8. The treatment rooms will be completely sanitized between each client. Our sheets, towels and face cradle covers all are changed after each client and the room will be disinfected before next client.

9. There will be no tea, cookies and candy available at this time. However, we will have bottled water for you.

THANK YOU for your attention to these necessary safety measures.

We are looking forward to seeing you again under these new circumstances.


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